Sorry it’s been a little while since I’ve posted … life has been a whirlwind these days. Appointments upon appointments ! Lol mostly Mae’s followup appointments and other appointments relating to her medical supply company coming to the home and dropping off a few items, occupational therapy appointment as well.. it’s been crazy!

On top of all that, baby girl is teething, big brother is jealous because he’s been “dethroned” (as one of Mae’s doc says lol), my breast milk supply running low and can’t keep up with baby girl’s intake (we supplement with Similac NeoSure) and not to mention the game face I have to uphold when deep down I’m wanting to crawl to a corner and roc back and forth screaming “I want my Mommy!”.

You ever get that annoying statement said to you like “you look tired!” … no? Well it is annoying and I would like to know what that person would do if they switched places with me.. I know what I would do, tell them they look tired too! Totally kidding ( teehee ).

I do however, take some time and just enjoy my kids. It’s not an equal amount of time with them as One has special needs and has things to be done for them but I make sure I get my snuggles in (More on that soon) with both everyday. Those are the moments that make all this worth it.

Have you ever felt things in your life were just going nonstop?? How’d you cope??

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