My Story, My Life

Between a huge move from New York to Indiana 7 months ago and what happened a month later, our lives changed forever. We gave birth to twin girls prematurely (24 weeks and 2 days), Madison Dahlia (1lb 7oz) and Maelyn Rayelle (1lb 11oz) at about 11:30pm Tuesday, September 26, 2017.. around 7am the next day twin A, Madison passed away. Twin B, Maelyn survived and since birth has gone through a brain bleed (IVH- 3rd degree, left side), post hemorrhage Hydrocephalus, two infections (coagulase negative staph & Vent induced pneumonia), chronic preemie lung disease (CPLD), and a total of 4 operations (two relating to a shunt for the hydrocephalus, a tracheotomy and g tube insertion).

Hold on tight baby girl!!

Next Tuesday, almost exactly 6 months later, our baby girl Maelyn is coming home on a tracheostomy and ventilator. She is now 11 lbs of cuteness and fiestiness (is that a word? Haha)!! I’m nervous, scared, excited, overwhelmed, grateful, happy and full of anticipation !!!!

I do think about Madison often, at times I shed tears when I remember how it all happened, but I gotta stay strong for my two living children, Malachi (2.5years) and Maelyn. They need me, they need me to be their rock, stable and present. I can’t let them down, I brought them into this world. I love them so much. They’re So strong willed and so full of life, a beautiful combination of my husband and I. Sometimes they do things that surprise me and wonder which side of the family they get it from haha!

Do you know anyone who’s child has gone through what Maelyn has gone through? Please share! I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “My Story, My Life”

    1. You never seize to amaze me. You are an amazing person in and out m, through and through. With all that you have been going through you still maintained a positive outlook . I truly appreciate you as a friend, mother and overall person. I look forward to reading you blogs!


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